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Vollara™ LivingWater®


Do you engage in any of these activities?
  • Drink caffeinated drinks
  • Drink alcohol
  • Take prescriptions
  • Travel by airplane
  • Exercise regularly
  • Live at altitude
Do you face any of these health problems?
  • Chronic illness or disease
  • Weakened immune system
  • Children bring home colds from school
  • Poor metabolism
  • Low energy
  • Chronic pain or stress
  • Sugar cravings
  • Poor digestion and elimination

LivingWater® can help

The human body needs air and water In order to sustain itself. Our bodies are composed of 70-75% water and as such it is critical that we not only drink adequate amounts of water on a daily basis but that our bodies absorb the water, otherwise we become dehydrated. Dehydration contributes to or results in chronic illness or disease, low energy, weakened immune system, poor metabolism, poor digestion and elimination, and chronic pain.

Unfortunately, tap water and even bottled waters do not provide our bodies with the healthy water necessary to lead a disease-free and high energy life. They contain chlorine, fluoride, microbes and pollutants, which all negatively impact our bodies.

How does LivingWater® work?

The LivingWater® technology actually renders water with profound healing properties by:

  • Effectively filtering toxins and microbes
  • Ionizing water (negatively charged) to provide water with antioxidant properties which reverse (quench) free radical damage
  • Oxygenating water to bring high levels of healing oxygen into the body
  • Making water more alkaline and thereby neutralizing acidity to allow the body to metabolize and function optimally, while assisting the immune system in fighting illness
  • Transforming the water molecule “orientation” to become a better wetting agent (linear water vs clustered water)

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Eight Underlying Causes of All Health Problems by Dr. Robert Johnson

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I cannot say enough about Vollara’s LivingWater.  The first thing I noticed within 24 hours, was an increase in my energy level.  Quickly, I did not require as much sleep.  My attitude stays positive.  As a runner, I no longer have any joint pain.  I am not exaggerating.  When I am thirsty now, I hear myself saying, "I need water."  It is satisfying and tastes clean and pure.  I will never be without the LivingWater unit.  
 ~ Jody, Massachusetts

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