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Vollara FreshAir


Are you exposed to these health challenges?
  • Flu or other viruses in schools or
    public spaces
  • Asthma, allergies or respiratory problems
  • Pet odor and hair in homes
  • Mold in living or work spaces
  • Secondhand smoking environments
  • Hair spray or airborne chemicals in beauty salons
  • Floods or fires in homes or businesses
  • Recirculated air in work environments and airplanes
  • Infected air in hospitals or medical clinics

FreshAir can help

Nothing is more important to the human body than the air we breathe. Without air, our bodies would only be sustained for less than five minutes. Unfortunately, most of the air we breathe has contaminants such as pollutants, pollens, microbes, dust, odors etc. When inhaled, these contaminants compromise lungs, air passages, sinuses and immune systems. It is essential for us to ensure that our homes, work environments, schools, hospitals, cars, health clubs, beauty salons etc provide clean and uninfected air.

How does FreshAir work?

Emitted ions from FreshAir are negatively charged. Electrical attraction (similar to magnetic attraction) causes the ions to combine with pollutants, pollen, microbes and odors (which are usually positive charges) to render these pollutants harmless and pull them out of the air. This combined unit then drops ions and pollutants to the ground. This process produces clean, healthy and uninfected air and surfaces.

FreshAir technology removes these from air

  • Pollutants such as dust, dirt, air-borne chemicals
  • Pollen and other environmental allergens
  • Microbes including bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, odors

FreshAir stands alone as an advanced technology due to its unique, proprietary ionic air purification system. This technology is vastly superior to filtration technology and other ionic systems on the market. Research continues to document the efficacy of FreshAir in removing pollutants, pollen, microbes and odors from the air, while neutralizing them on surfaces.

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Eight Underlying Causes of All Health Problems by Dr. Robert Johnson

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My daughter and I both have allergies--seasonal and household.  Within the first 2 days of using Vollara’s FreshAir, her symptoms were gone.  She did not have to get rid of her carpet or her stuffed animals.  This made us both happy.  After two weeks with the unit, I was able to go off my prescription allergy medication!  The FreshAir is a very worthwhile investment.  ~ Jody, Massachusetts

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