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Electromagnetic Load -- A Hidden Factor in Many Illnesses
by Thomas Rau, MD

Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of the world renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland is convinced ‘electromagnetic loads’ lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s and even back pain. At Paracelsus, cancer patients are now routinely educated in electromagnetic field remediation strategies and inspectors from the Geopathological Institute of Switzerland are sent to patients’ homes to assess electromagnetic field exposures.

A strategy to consider for those experiencing ‘electrical sensitivity’ symptoms is to remove the electromagnetic ‘hot spot’ in the head created by the presence of metal fillings. Concern is thus not only for the ‘neurotoxic’ aspect of mercury in fillings, an increasingly understood hazard, but because fillings themselves act as antennas in the presence of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and cell towers, wi-fi networks, portable phones, and other sources of radiofrequency radiation.

The removal of dental fillings can be an important early step in reducing electrical sensitivity, allowing some people to live in homes they otherwise could not tolerate.

Cultures have shown beneficial bacteria grows more slowly in the presence of electromagnetic fields allowing pathological organisms to dominate. Thus, a strategy with electrically sensitive patients, or with those facing chronic conditions, is the aggressive supplementation with probiotics and other Biological Medicine approaches to balance intestinal flora. Many people with chronic infections likely linked to EMF exposures, such as Lyme Disease, are symptom- free after an aggressive microorganism rebalancing program.

Electrical sensitivity—originally known as radio wave sickness—is a sometimes debilitating experience created by these and other disregulating effects of electromagnetic fields. Linked to many acute and chronic illness conditions, electrical sensitivity is a serious emerging public health issue globally and a subject in which most doctors have no training.

A Petition to Congress, created by www.ElectromagneticHealth.org is now circulating on the internet, requesting Congress 1) mandate the FCC lower exposure guidelines to reflect the large body of science showing biological effects at exposures much lower than current standards, 2) repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which rescinded state and local governments right to resist towers on health or environmental grounds, 3) stop the roll out of the Wi-Max network until Congress better understands the potential health consequences, and 4) accommodate citizens unable to function adequately in high EMF environments, including forbidding cell towers on school properties.

Exposing children in schools to radiation, known to impair brain function and learning which is “criminal”. It is unethical to expose children to electromagnetic load in this way. We know that power stations for electromagnetic waves like mobile phones are hurting the brains of children, so to put such stations into schools is really…very, very, very bad. The question is does the school, or does the society, really want to have intelligent, well-educated children, or not? If you install mobile phone towers, which radiate to the children, their intelligence, their brain capacity, decreases. You will have more ADD children, you will have less function of the brain, which in the long term reflects on the intelligence of the children, of the possibility to really teach children, and in the long term, the more this overcomes society, the more we will have dumb children.

The reality of the health consequences of electromagnetic radiation eventually will have to be faced, and this will only happen with active pressure on Congress. It is estimated that 3-8% of populations in developed countries experience serious electrohypersensitivity symptoms today, and 35% experience mild symptoms. With increasing electromagnetic field exposures, these numbers, along with the suffering involved for people who are impacted, and the health care costs involved, are bound to go up.

Thomas Rau, MD is the Chief Medical Director of the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland, and founder of Paracelsus Biological Medicine. He attended medical school at Berne University and also passed the final medical examination in the USA. He has worked as a hospital physician in rheumatology, internal and general medicine. From 1981 to 1992, Dr. Rau was the Medical Director of a Swiss clinic for rheumatology and rehabilitation medicine. He then trained in homeopathy and many natural therapies. Dr. Rau teaches naturopathic healing methods, dietary, neural and isopathic therapies.

Since 1992, Dr. Rau has served as Chief Medical Director and part owner of the Paracelsus Klinik, Center for Paracelsus Biological Medicine and Dentistry in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. A first of its kind in Switzerland, the Paracelsus Klinik is widely recognized as a center of excellence for natural medicine.

Dr. Rau is founder and President of the Swiss Homotoxicological and Regulative Therapy Society and is a Board member of the International Society of Milieu Therapy, Isopathy and Enderlein Medicine. He is considered a leading expert in Enderlein therapy, Darkfield Microscopy, and Biologic tumor treatments. Dr. Rau's articles are widely published and he lectures internationally. He has recently had his first book of collected papers published. Dr. Rau is Co-Founder of the Paracelsus Biological Medicine Network.


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