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Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs): 
Did you know wireless devices
can make you sick?



Julianne O'Dwyer 
National Integrated Health Associates
Beyond Wellness  


Did you know?

HOLDING A CELL PHONE AGAINST YOUR EARS ENABLES RADIATION TO TRAVEL DIRECTLY THROUGH YOUR EARS TO YOUR BRAIN! Symptoms due to using cell phones, ipads, microwave ovens, smart meters, WIFI etc. can be inconspicuous at first but may become noticeable over time.


The telecommunication industry has a strong financial interest in minimizing the dangers of electromagnetic frequences (EMFs) on your health!



  • The closer you live/work near a cell phone base station, the greater your chances of exhibiting a number of electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms -- fatigue, sleep disturbances, visual/ auditory disturbances & cardiovascular issues
  • Exposure to wireless devices damages cells in brain & other organs which can impact autism, ADD, brain fog - Dr Herbert, Neurologist, Harvard Medical School  
  • Cell phones used by mothers during pregnancy slows down fetal & childhood development and contributes to behavioral/hyperactivity issues - Pediatric Society Annual Meeting 2016
  • Cell phones, laptops & WIFI exposure can cause endocrine damage & decrease sperm production

Hear Julianne O'Dwyer share cutting edge information from 2016 Pediatric Society Annual Meeting, Harvard Medical School, Environmental Health Trust, Yale University & La Presse Medical on significant impact cellphones, laptops, ipads, microwaves, electric blankets have on the healthy of you and your family!

 Hear practical steps on how to LESSEN IMPACT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES (EMFs) on you and your family. Don't you want your family to be safe & healthy?

 7am, Thursday, 4/26/18
Business Owners Breakfast
RSVP to julianne.odwyer(at)nihadc.com

River Creek Club
43800 Olympic Blvd
Leesburg, VA 20176

COST: $20 breakfast/room fee
Pay at door

In her personal history, Julianne had to deal with chronic pain due to sports injuries, car accidents, mercury amalgam toxicity, Lyme disease, hormone & thyroid imbalances, Epstein-Barr, candida and mold toxicity. And it was her triumph over these challenges that led to her leave corporate life & become a Health Coach with National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) in Washington, DC, and Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Clinic in Northern Virginia. Julianne provides education and support remotely to help clients achieve health & wellness goals, largely through Health Essentials Coaching Program & Rejuvenation & Detoxification Coaching Program

For four years, Julianne was an event organizer with the annual Grow Your Health Gardening, Local Food & Wellness Festival held at Fairfax High School, Fairfax, VA.


Julianne O’Dwyer
Health Coach 

National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA)   
5225 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20015 

Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Clinic 

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